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The ELRC, formed in 1983, is comprised of highly trained public land professionals primarily from the eastern United States. The ELRC provides a collaborative and unique forum for enhancing land stewardship and conservation, and promotes sound policies and practices among those involved in the management and administration of public lands, records and natural resources.

ELRC members have the opportunity to promote partnerships by interacting with federal and other state officials in related fields; by discussing national, state or local issues, and by working together toward the development of sound federal and state public land management policies. Results of these partnerships include:

The ELRC offers members a forum for discussing the land management and natural resource issues that face the eastern United States and how federal, state and local policies affect the day-to-day management of the public lands. Common areas of concern include public land stewardship, public land acquisition, alliances with national recreation and conservation organizations, and ecosystem management.

Members can share their knowledge and expertise as well as learn from the experiences of others. The ELRC meetings are excellent forums for professional development for land managers and natural resource personnel.

ELRC membership shall include, but is not limited to, all states adjacent to and east of the Mississippi River. A state shall become a member of the Council by paying the annual dues.

Current ELRC members are the duly appointed or elected land administrators of the following state government entities:

Alabama Arkansas Florida
Maine Maryland Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina
Ohio Tennessee Texas
Vermont Virginia Wisconsin

The following federal government agencies are non-voting members and pay no dues:

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